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How it Works

Creating Your Custom Clothing at The Tailory New York

Schedule Your Appointment


Book a consultation with the team The online appointment concierge is the easiest and fastest way to book an appointment for custom tailoring with our team – just select the date and time that works best for you. All measurement consultations are complimentary and take anywhere from 30min to 1hr. If you would like to book a same day appointment or your desired appointment slot is not available, please contact the studio directly at 212-813-1014.

The Fitting


Get professionally fitted and measured During your fitting session, our consultants will take over 35 measurements to ensure the perfect fit. Constructing the fit of your garment is a dialogue between you and your fitter, which is why each of our consultants have years of custom tailoring experience and an in-depth knowledge of pattern making and clothing construction. A well fitting custom garment is the perfect combination of proper fit and personal preference.

The Design


Work with our team to design a garment that is uniquely yours Each custom piece we make for our clients is individually designed with plenty of extra details. Our consultants will guide you through the design process and help you personalize each piece to ensure it meets your personal taste and lifestyle.

The Specs


Every inch of your garment is specced out and specific to you After you have been measured and your garment has been designed, technical specifications and style details are sent to our team of manufacturers and production begins within minutes.

The Creation


Creating a pattern that is specifically designed for you Every pattern is digitally cut for each and every client – no template pattern is ever used. This simply means you are able to fully customize your fit, your style and your design.

The Feeling


You will feel different in a custom garment From the style to the way it drapes on your body, nothing will feel better than a custom garment. Fair warning… once you go with custom tailoring, you will never shop off the rack again.

The Pick Up


Your custom garment is ready for pickup in 3 – 4 weeks With 24/7 production capability, we are able to deliver your custom items in as little as 2 1/2 weeks. And once the garment arrives you will try it on again to make sure the fit is on point before you take it. Any further alterations are done here in midtown Manhattan. You shouldn’t have to wait to go fully custom.

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