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Custom Suits

Fashion trends come and go, but a finely tailored suit never loses its grace and charm. At The Tailory New York, we offer the exclusivity and fit that you need to express your personal style, one that never goes out of style. Our expertise, experience and knowledge allow us to design and create a custom suit that is uniquely yours and perfectly complements your personality.

Using the perfect blend of classic techniques and contemporary styling, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing custom suits that not only fits impeccably but designed with touches of timeless elegance mixed with modern twists.

The process to getting your custom suit starts with a complimentary consultation with one of our advisors. The session can take anywhere from 30 minuets to one hour. During the consult, we will guide you through the entire design process, assisting you with fabric selection and styling details. We will also take 35 unique body measurements to ensure the perfect fit for you. The end result is a custom suit that is uniquely yours and perfectly complements your personality.
At The Tailory New York, “we believe that your wardrobe should not only fit perfectly, but should be designed with only YOU in mind.” Providing personally designed, fitted and curated collections for each individual client is the essence of who we are. Let us curate and design the wardrobe fit for YOU!

Our ultimate goal is to provide-

  • Finely tailored suits custom designed and made just for you
  • Finely tailored suits using the finest materials from Italy, UK and Asia
  • Heritage art of tailoring plus the modernity of fashion design

Contact us to ask all the questions that you might have about custom suits.

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