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Custom Dress Shirts

Finding a dress shirt that not only fits your body but reflects your taste and style can be quite the conundrum. Sometimes, it can be even harder than finding that perfect suit. Why don’t you take a break and let The Tailory New York do the work for you. We can and will create the best custom dress shirt for you! Impeccable fit and custom design is what we are known for.

We are one of the best custom shirt makers in the city and are well known for marrying the modernity of fashion design with the heritage art of custom tailoring. Our tailoring methodology allows us to deliver the perfect custom shirt for each specific client.

Being completely custom, we offer our clients all types of shirting details from collars to cuffs to pockets to monograms, just to name a few. Your shirts are also expertly crafted using 20 unique body measurements. So you can really count on us to deliver a garment of quality, value and selection.

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