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Suit On Hanger

The Many Benefits of Custom Clothing

By The Tailory |

Everyone wants to dress beautifully. Even a little effort to wear stylish clothes and following some basic rules of colour coordination can result in a significant increase in one’s style quotient. And, in a fashion conscious city like New York, upping your style quotient can yield benefits in both the professional and personal aspects… Read More »

Suit Being Altered

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Tailor

By The Tailory |

Looking for a tailor who can create clothing that complements your style? The most important aspect of style is the fitting of your garment. If the standard size of ready made clothing does not fit you, then tailor made clothing is what you need. A tailor can do for you what the many big… Read More »

Shirts on Hangers

How To Select Right Custom Tailored Shirts?

By The Tailory |

Finding the right shirt is not just about the visual appeal. It should also have a perfect balance of material, design, colour, and fit. These days, men mostly prefer custom made shirts due to their durability and flawless fit. Moreover, one can create one’s own style and design by choosing from various types of… Read More »

Customized Groom's Tuxedos and Formal Wear

Why You Should Get a Custom Tailored Suit

By The Tailory |

Planning to attend a party or a business meeting? Looking for a high quality elegant suit? A custom tailored suit will give you a different look and will set you apart from the rest. You can buy a tailor made suit that fits you well at a good price. In NYC, the fashion capital… Read More »

Posed Suit

Is a Custom Suit Better Than a Ready Made Suit?

By The Tailory |

Who doesn’t want a perfect suit made from scratch? It is a challenge for both men and women, to find a suit that fits well, suits their personal style and of course is within the budget. You may not find all your requirements in a readymade suit, it is better to get a suit… Read More »

Custom Suit New York

3 Reasons why getting custom tailored suits is a good idea

By The Tailory |

Today, shoppers have a wide range of clothing style, brands, and types to choose from. The choices that are given are always the best for our needs but the PROBLEM is the way the clothes fit. Everyone has a different body shape as well as size. Some are tall and overweight while some are… Read More »

Mens Custom Suit New York Showroom

Times when female celebrities rocked suits

By The Tailory |

Custom suits are no longer a specialty of men. Many women are also opting for this professional looking ensemble that gives them a sleeker look. However, inspiration for wearing custom suits comes from the celebrities. Many female stars have been seen wearing suits on different occasions. Here are the times when female celebrities rocked… Read More »

collageCollage of Suits

Which aspects you should consider while buying a bespoke suit?

By The Tailory |

Bespoke suits are a vital part of any man’s wardrobe. It is an excellent example of personalized tailoring. Many men opt for the bespoke suits as it is specifically designed and made to match their specifications. It includes fitting, comfort and more. However, here are the aspects that you should consider if you are… Read More »

Tailored Suits in New York

Why You Should Consider Buying Tailored Suits only?

By The Tailory |

Wearing finely tailored suits can make you a winner on any occasion mainly because of the distinct look that sets you apart from the crowd. The feel of the suits is more amazing than their appearance, as they give you the privilege to feel absolutely relaxed and comfortable. This is why you can wear… Read More »

Suit Close Ups

Occasions when you can spread your charm with a suit

By The Tailory |

An impeccably tailored suit is the perfect ensemble for many occasions that come in your life. There are times where situations demand that you look picture-perfect or when you need to make the long lasting impression on others. However, here are the top most important occasions where you get the chance to spread your… Read More »